Who owns RCN?

Answer Communications provider RCN operates as an independent corporation with its own management and board of directors. In March of 2010, however, RCN's board voted to sell a controlling interest to ABR... Read More »

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Who owns hp?

There is no one individual who lays claim to owning the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Company. There are thousands of individuals and institutions who own shares of stock in HP, and with ownership comes th... Read More »

Who owns tsn?

well to answer this you got to think cause maybe u did something or somebody reported you

Who owns the CIA?

The American people are as we are in control of all public office and supply all the funds to support government entities. the entire government would be out of a job if no one voted.

Who owns Fox TV?

According to Indy Media, News Corporation, headed by Rupert Murdoch, owns Fox Networks, whose holdings include Fox Television. News Corporation also owns Fox Searchlight, The Golf Channel and Fox I... Read More »