Who oversees mortgage companies?

Answer The Federal Trade Commission oversees mortgage companies. In addition to monitoring mortgage brokers, the FTC also provides information and assistance to consumers in relation to mortgages. Within ... Read More »

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Who oversees utility companies?

In the U.S., all 50 states have established public utility commissions that regulate various utility services. These state commissions are also subject to federal laws and agencies such as the Fed... Read More »

Who oversees credit card companies?

The Federal Reserve Board oversees the credit industry and credit-card companies. In February 2010, the Federal Reserve Board enacted several new rules on credit-card companies, including 45-day no... Read More »

Who oversees Canadian life insurance companies?

In Canada, life insurance companies are regulated at the federal level by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions. This office regulates companies that are federally incorporated... Read More »

What entity oversees credit card companies?

The Federal Reserve Board oversees and regulates the credit card industry. As of 2010, the agency has implemented steps for consumer protection under the Credit Card Act, which has changed the way... Read More »