Who or what wakes you up mornings?

Answer my cellphone. but sometimes, my lousy neighbor gets ahead of my cellphone because she plays that damned music.

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HELP. MY BF IS GOING TO KILL ME when he wakes up?

My husband is a plumber and no that won't work. Also after replacing drains with him on jobs i really don't see how in the hell you could poke a hole through the pipe with a clothes hanger, unless ... Read More »

What causes paleness when someone wakes up or comes out of a dark room?

when you get up after being layed down for such a long time, the instant you stand up, most blood goes down to the lower part of your body,

When the computer wakes up from sleep mode?

device manager, then mouse and keyboard, then double click mouse, then choose power management tab, then check or uncheck allow this device to wake computer

Does anyone know the name of the movie where everytime the guy goes to bed he wakes up in 1 of 2 worlds?

It isn't a movie. It is a TV show called Awake. Basically, whenever he sleeps, and sometimes just closes his eyes, he wakes up in his other reality.…