Who or what wakes you up mornings?

Answer my cellphone. but sometimes, my lousy neighbor gets ahead of my cellphone because she plays that damned music.

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What causes paleness when someone wakes up or comes out of a dark room?

when you get up after being layed down for such a long time, the instant you stand up, most blood goes down to the lower part of your body,

What was the name of the web series where the protagonist wakes up and discovers he's the only person on earth?

Yes, the CW network has already renewed the TV show "Smallville" for its 10th season. The CW network has also stated that the Justice Society will be appearing in a few episodes next season.

What could be wrong with your 13-year-old daughter if she throws up as soon as she wakes up about twice a week and she is not pregnant?

AnswerThis is the sort of question you should be asking her doctor.Also do talk to her about it. Have you considered the possibilty that she is being bullied at school and it is due to anxiety or t... Read More »

What is the process you take in order to get ready in the mornings?

i go to bath room.wash/showeretc and all that jazz..then get dressedmay turn puter & TV on wall firstthen when dressed come into kitchenprepare coffees etc go down into garden.hose some for a while... Read More »