Who offers refinance mortgages with low credit scores?

Answer Borrowers looking to refinance in a tight market often look to government loans, such as FHA, USDA or VA loans with lower credit score requirements. Additional options include sub-prime lenders who... Read More »

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Which credit scores do mortgages look at?

FICO scores make up a large portion of a credit report, which lenders use to determine whether the borrower is a credit risk or not. Mortgage loan lenders will use the FICO score to determine a bor... Read More »

How to Refinance Home Mortgages for People With Bankruptcy?

Contrary to belief, getting a mortgage while in bankruptcy or shortly after one is discharged is possible. If you are a loan officer seeking ways to refinance your bankruptcy clients, there are sev... Read More »

How to Compare Credit Card Offers for People With Bad Credit?

You will want to rebuild your credit status if your rating has plunged heavily. The easiest way to do this is to compare credit card offers for people with bad credit, then apply for your choice of... Read More »

How to Improve Credit Scores With Credit Card Payoffs?

Your credit score continually changes, moving up or down based on how you handle your loans and accounts. Factors like on-time or delinquent payments, opening or closing accounts and paying down ba... Read More »