Who needs to know about combining two adjacent condos in the city of Boston?

Answer At least the board needs to know that two units are going to be combined. The combination changes your percentage of ownership, and doubles the amount of your monthly assessment. The tax assessor... Read More »

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Five Things Every Leader Needs to Know About Ethics?

Five things every leader must know about ethics provides a leadership core of moral fundamentals. Having core values makes you a better leader, and creates better followers. Core values are importa... Read More »

Help if you know about gas, and new york city ?

Parts of Virginia could be 400 miles away from NYC. At 40 miles per gallon and with the price of gas being about $3.75 a gallon, your car will use 10 gallons of gas to get to NYC so the gas will co... Read More »

About rooftop restaursants, do you know any in New York City?

I'm a little confused by your question. You asked about rooftop restaurants, but then you mentioned The View. The View is not a rooftop restaurant. It's on a high floor, maybe even the top floor... Read More »

If you work at Starbucks or know about the icon/city/state mugs, answer this question?

In Montreal, I saw the icon series around December/January at certain starbucks. I've never seen the new you are here series and I go to Starbucks everyday ...Did you try online or on Ebay/craigsli... Read More »