Who needs to file IRS form W-9?

Answer Some U.S. citizens and resident aliens may need to file a W-9 to prove that their tax identification is correct or is pending; that they are not under any tax withholding obligations;and to claim a... Read More »

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Where do you file a form 709 tax form in the state of California?

All taxpayers file Form 709, the United States Gift Tax Return, at the same address, regardless of their state of residence. For 2009, send Forms 709 to the IRS office in Cincinnati.Department of t... Read More »

Do you file form 8832 with form 2553?

The instructions for IRS form 2553 state that a "corporation or other entity" that is eligible to be treated as a corporation must use this form to be treated as an S corporation. If the corporatio... Read More »

Do I have to file Schedule C to file form 8582?

Form 8582, which is designed to aid in computation of passive activity losses, needs to have its result reported out on a schedule to your 1040. Depending on the activity that led to the loss, you... Read More »

Which tax form should I file?

On One Hand: Form 1040EZForm 1040 EZ is the shortest tax form offered by the Internal Revenue Service. You can use form 1040EZ if you are single or married and filing a joint return, have less than... Read More »