Who needs chains when driving in the snow?

Answer On One Hand: Chains are for everyoneAny car can benefit from snow chains. In severe conditions they provide traction. In a blizzard, a good set of chains can mean the difference between making a tr... Read More »

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Whats the best advice when driving in snow?

Use the highest gear possible without stalling. The science behind this is that starting out in a lower gear, the wheels spin very fast, so you won't get as much traction.With a higher gear, the wh... Read More »

How to Install Snow Chains?

You may need snow chains (also called tire chains) for extra traction in mountainous areas, or even in lowland areas that get a lot of snow. Make it a point to practice installing snow chains befor... Read More »

Should I just get snow chains?

At this time of year (early spring in USA), you Could experience some snowfall while driving from Texas to Minnesota, but it's likely to be just flurries, and no major accumulation on the roadways.... Read More »

How to Install Snow Chains on Tires?

Have you ever needed to put snow chains on your tires? This article goes through all the steps necessary to install snow chains on your tires for driving in winter weather.