Who much kilobyte in 2gb?

Answer There are 1024KB to the MB.There are 2048MB in 2GB.So 2048*1024 = 2097152KB in 2GB

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How much information can stored in kilobyte?

No, the only "Game Console", so far, that can play a BlueRay is the PS3. It is possible with a cracked Wii via a Samba (SMB) share from a laptop/PC with a blu ray drive in Wii MC (Wii Media Centre... Read More »

Which is larger kilobyte or megabyte?

How do I sort by kilobyte in an Excel spreadsheet?

Highlight DataHighlight the data in Excel providing the kilobytes.Sort the DataClick the "Data" tab and then either button, A to Z with an up arrow or the button of the Z to A with the down arrow. ... Read More »

Computer Definitions of Kilobyte & Megabyte?

There are special units of measurement in technology and computing. These units of measurement exist to note the capacity of memory or storage space that computers have. These units of measurement ... Read More »