Who manufactures the Chevrolet Aveo?

Answer The Chevrolet Aveo is the marketing name used for the Daewoo Kalos. The Kalos is a subcompact car manufactured by the Korean subsidiary of General Motors, known as GM Daewoo.Source:Chevrolet Aveo

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Who manufactures the Chevy Aveo?

General Motors Corporation makes the Chevrolet Aveo. The automobile is manufactured in Korea by Daewoo, a division of GM. The Aveo was introduced in 2004 as a subcompact. A second model, the Aveo5,... Read More »

About the Chevrolet Aveo?

The Chevrolet Aveo is a subcompact car sold by General Motors in the United States under its Chevrolet brand. The Aveo is manufactured by GM's South Korean subsidiary Daewoo. It is sold in a number... Read More »

Who makes the chevrolet aveo?

General Motors manufactures the Chevrolet Aveo under its Chevrolet brand. The car is compact and is available as a sedan or hatchback. The Aveo, known for its fuel efficiency, gets 34 highway miles... Read More »

Chevrolet Aveo Specifications?

The Aveo, Chevrolet's entry-level subcompact sedan, was introduced in 2004 and redesigned in 2007. It was designed by Italdesign studios in Turin, Italy. The 2011 model adds an air filtration syste... Read More »