Who manufactures lexus?

Answer The Lexus car was designed in the early 1980s and became available to the public in 1989. Lexus is manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation. In 2009 there were 15 different model Lexus vehicle... Read More »

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How to Buy a Lexus?

Lexus ISIf you're looking to buy a Lexus, this article is for you. Make your goal of owning a Lexus achievable.

Specifications for the Lexus RS 350?

The RX is a luxury sport utility vehicle produced and distributed by Lexus. Categorized by Lexus as a crossover vehicle, the RX contains the luxury and performance specifications of a sedan in a la... Read More »

How to Clean the MAF on a Lexus?

Many car owners are aware that replacing your air, oil and fuel filters on a regular basis will help keep your car running smoothly and maintain fuel efficiency. Fewer people are aware of the mass ... Read More »

How to Tell If a Lexus RX 330 Is AWD?

You might get your knees dirty trying to tell whether your Lexus RX 330 is all-wheel drive, but you can do it. There are only two ways the vehicle was manufactured: front-wheel drive or all-wheel d... Read More »