Who manufactures cosmoline?

Answer The Schafco Packaging Co. manufactures the rust preventive Cosmoline. The family-owned business was started by paint chemist Lester Schaefer in 1946 as the Schaefer Paint Co. Over the years, the co... Read More »

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How do I clean off cosmoline?

Boiling WaterLay your gun outside on a plastic tarp. Boil a stew pot of water on your stove. While wearing gloves, carry the stew pot outside and pour the boiling water over the gun. The heat of th... Read More »

How to Remove Cosmoline From a Mosin?

The Mosin Nagant Model 91/30 rifle was produced by the former Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries until the years following the end of World War II. It is a bolt action rifle which fires ... Read More »

How to Remove Cosmoline From Stock?

Cosmoline is a mixture of oil and wax used as a coating and preservative for military firearms in storage. The material is usually light amber in color and is similar to Vaseline in appearance. Cos... Read More »

Who manufactures MRE?

MRE stands for "meal, ready-to-eat," and refers to meals made for the U.S. military. The three companies that manufacture MREs include "Ameriqual," "Sopakco" and "The Wornick Company." All of the m... Read More »