Who manufactures Vizio TV?

Answer Vizio is an independent company not own by any other mafufacture ,have been in the business around 8years, i work for Vizio as technical support According to a profile I found on Google, VIZIO is ... Read More »

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Who manufactures VIZIO TVs?

VIZIO, Inc, which is located in Irvine, California, manufactures VIZIO high-definition TVs. They were found with three employees in 2002 under the name V. Inc., as a consulting service to Gateway.S... Read More »

Who manufactures Vizio televisions?

The Vizio is manufactured by a privately owned U.S.-based company of the same name. It has many investors, one of the largest being Amtran, a Taiwan-based company. In 2007, Vizio outsold Sony, Shar... Read More »

Who manufactures Vizio HDTVs?

The HDTVs sold by Vizio are manufactured in Taiwanese factories owned by Foxconn and AmTRAN Technology. Vizio has given Foxconn and AmTRAN ownership in the company as an incentive to produce its p... Read More »

Who manufactures VIZIO Blu-Ray Players?

Bluray players are high definition devices and therefore are incompatible with all older televisions. By "older" we can refer to all non high definition televisions. Any TV that does not have an HD... Read More »