Who manufactures Mastercraft doors?

Answer Mastercraft doors are manufactured by Midwest Manufacturing. The company opened its first plant 41 years ago in Eau Claire, Wis. Midwest also manufactures trusses, decking, fencing, pole barn build... Read More »

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Who manufactures the Mastercraft roof nailer?

Mastercraft roof nailers are made and sold by Canadian Tire, a general merchandise retail store with 475 stores across Canada that specialize in automotive items, home products and sporting goods.R... Read More »

Who manufactures sliding glass doors?

There are numerous manufacturers of sliding glass doors. Some manufacturers make their doors in bulk and sell them pre-made, while others sell can custom design sliding glass doors based on the spe... Read More »

How to Change the Oil in a MasterCraft X-2?

The MasterCraft X-2 is considered a crossover boat, favored by both slalom water skiers and wakeboarders. MasterCraft recommends changing the oil in the X-2 every 50 hours of engine use or at the b... Read More »

A game-show host has placed a car behind one of three doors There is a goat behind each of the other doors First you point toward a door he says Then I'll open one of the other doors to reveal?

the answer is switch because when you first pick you have a 1/3 chance of getting the car and a 2/3 chance of picking a goat, when the host opens up one of the other doors with a goat there is now ... Read More »