Who manufactures Craftsman riding lawn mowers?

Answer Sears manufactures the Craftsman riding lawn mower. Craftsman is Sears' signature brand of tools and is found exclusively at Sears. Sears advertises the Craftsman brand as their premier tool produc... Read More »

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How to Install Belts on Craftsman Riding Lawn Mowers?

Installing belts on Craftsman riding lawn mowers requires patience and time. The activity isn't physically draining, but it can be mentally tiring. The belts must be pulled around different pulleys... Read More »

Who makes craftsman riding mowers?

Craftsman riding mowers are sold by Sears. The mowers are manufactured for Craftsman, primarily by Husqvarna of Sweden at various manufacturing facilities. Depending on the model, the mower range u... Read More »

Who builds Craftsman riding mowers?

Craftsman, a brand created by the retail store Sears, does not build their own tractors. Instead, other companies place bids every three years to see who will build the new line of tractors. Curren... Read More »

What Are Common Problems When Craftsman Riding Mowers Won't Run?

Craftsman brand tools and appliances, the house brand of Sears, include both hand tools and lawn maintenance products such as push and riding mowers. If your Craftsman riding mower refuses to start... Read More »