Who makes vin tag rivets?

Answer Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plates (tags) are riveted into the dash of every vehicle made. Trim Tags Inc. in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, custom makes and sells the rivets that hold these plate... Read More »

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How to Replace Rivets?

Many automotive body parts and other pieces of material use rivets instead of screws to secure two pieces of material together. Rivets provide a smoother surface and are lightweight. Sometimes rive... Read More »

How to Set Leather Rivets?

Soft copper rivets create a secure connection for leather goods without causing damage. They install differently than steel blind rivets, which require a gun that pulls a pin through the body of th... Read More »

How to Rivet AN 470 Ad 4 4 Rivets?

The fuselage of an aircraft is kept together by rivets, for this reason, it is extremely important that when the skin is put together, the mechanic has a great training on how to shoot rivets.One o... Read More »

Instructions for Pop Rivets?

A pop rivet may be the fastener of choice if the back side of the work to be secured cannot be accessed. Pop rivets may be used when installing automotive trim parts onto the vehicle body where the... Read More »