Who makes vin tag rivets?

Answer Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plates (tags) are riveted into the dash of every vehicle made. Trim Tags Inc. in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, custom makes and sells the rivets that hold these plate... Read More »

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What are metal rivets?

Rivets see everyday use in aircraft factories, construction sites and other industrial producers. These versatile fastening devices can keep joints strong under the heaviest loads.DescriptionThe te... Read More »

How to Remove Rivets?

Rivets are fasteners that are found holding together many things from race cars to sailboats. They are lightweight, fast, and easy to install. A rivet usually consists of 2 pieces, a pin and a head... Read More »

Information on How to Pop Rivets?

Pop riveting is an effective way of joining two pieces of sheet metal or plastic together. This operation is essential to many manufacturing industries because of its low installation costs and rel... Read More »

How to Put Rivets in Cymbals?

Rivets are used to give a cymbal a "sizzle" sound. After the cymbal is hit with a stick, the rivets move up and down to help create a sizzle effect that usually lasts several seconds, depending on ... Read More »