Who makes twin platform beds?

Answer There are a number of different companies that make twin platform beds. Some of the bigger manufacturers include Charles P. Rogers, South Shore Furniture and Lea Kids. Information on a number of di... Read More »

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Do you need a box spring when you convert bunk beds to twin beds?

On One Hand: Mattresses Need SupportMattresses do need some type of foundation; however, that foundation does not have to be a so-called "box spring." According to Consumer Reports, "there's nothin... Read More »

Does anyone have one of those platform beds?

Yes, and I like it a lot.No box spring. My mattress is a 5 inch slab of foam, encased in fabric, that sits directly on the platform. It takes normal sheets.My bed is of normal height, with one la... Read More »

DIY: Platform Beds?

A platform bed is certainly one of the easiest bed frames to build on your own, and is arguably one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects in general. The simple design puts one well within the rea... Read More »

Are platform beds comfortable?

On One Hand: Platform Beds Are Harder Surfaces.Because they lack a box spring, platform beds have less give than a traditional bed. For many people, this means for a less comfortable night's sleep.... Read More »