Who makes the smallest shockproof/waterproof mountable video camera ?

Answer Go make one of these -… Then waterproof is off your list. Why you need shock proof is a wonder, I have owned 3 camcorders for many years, they all still... Read More »

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Shall I buy a video camera or photo camera for taking high quality video?

This link should help you decide…

Whats the difference between a consumer video camera and a professional video camera?

One is made by the home electronics division in China, designed by the Home Electronics division in Japan.The professional camera is designed and made IN JAPAN by the Professional Electronics divis... Read More »

Who makes the smallest motorcycle helmet?

The smallest motorcycle helmets are made by NexL Sports under the brand name NXT Helmets. According to the manufacturer's website, NexL Sports makes the smallest lightest DOT FMVSS 218 certified he... Read More »

What is the smallest camera in the world?

The world's smallest camera is the Misumi MO-R803. It is a tiny 15 mm in length and 4.4 mm diameter camera attached to a bendable "snake." Similar cameras are considered "spy" cameras.Source:GizMag... Read More »