Who makes the original Taxi Wallet?

Answer The Vallavista Corporation registered Taxi Wallet as a trademark in 1995. The trademark was granted in 1996 by the United States Trademark Office. The multicompartment wallets are manufactured by ... Read More »

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What would happen if you didn't pay a taxi driver but didn't run away, if you forgot your wallet?

Well I'm a taxi driver, there is no rule on how to handle it. I just make a judgment call on whether I can trust the person to come back the next day to get the money. If I don't trust them I tel... Read More »

What's in Nescafé original coffee that makes it so addictive?

Either a secret recipe ingredient or the caffeine!:)

Who makes the original 16-inch big wheel pedal powered tricycle?

Louis Marx Toys developed the original Big Wheel tricycle. The company presented it to the public at the New York Toy Fair in 1969. Carolina Enterprises introduced a similar tricycle, called a Hot ... Read More »

Is anyone interested in a Kowa seT R2 camera in original condition with original case ?

If you are giving it away for free, send me a shipping quote for 11377 New York. If you are selling it, you are in the wrong place. Y! Answers does not allow selling.