Who makes the most economical inkject printers HP, Cannon or Epson?

Answer I have used both HP and Epson. I found both good value for money and pretty cheap to use.When i used the epson i found good compatible inks at the following website Read More »

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Which company makes better printers hp or Epson?

I have owned both, and a couple of different models of each. I would have to say they are dead even.

Are inkjet printers more economical than laser printers?

On One Hand: Inkjet printers are inexpensive to buyYou can purchase a basic inkjet printer for as little as $30. The big factor to consider is the cost of ink cartridge refills, which can cost more... Read More »

Which one is better between HP and Epson in printers ?

I have both. My HP printers are mainly for text and some photos depending what the photo is for. I a wide format Epson printer which I use to print some of my pictures and pictures for customers. I... Read More »

What are the good all in one printers, except epson.?

I used to like the Canon, but my last one packed up. I went to Argos and bought a Kodak 5100 Easy share. I have found it far better than the Canon. It is more economical and the inks are far cheape... Read More »