Who makes the google logos?

Answer Dennis Hwang is the man behind the decorative Google logos that appear on the site for holidays and other special occasions. He began working for Google in 2000 as an intern, and currently oversees... Read More »

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Who created the Google logos?

Google's "Google Doodles" were first designed by Dennis Hwang starting in 1999. After the U.S. and international demands rose for the modified logos, a team of designers was founded. This team of d... Read More »

Who makes mac logos?

Mac logos are not the result of one person or marketing firm, but are the efforts of several designers. The first Macintosh computers came with an Apple logo designed by Rob Janoff. Tom Hughes and ... Read More »

How does google makes revenue?

I don't think you can. I've tried everything so far.

I don't understand how Google makes money?

They earn a great percentage of their revenue through advertisments. Websites do not have to pay to be listed within the search engine, but the "featured" websites on the right hand column after y... Read More »