Who makes the best stud finder?

Answer According to comparison testing done by Popular Mechanics, the best stud finder on the market is the Stanley Fat Max Stud Sensor 400. During testing, the sensor correctly scanned the location of th... Read More »

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What's a stud finder, where do I buy it and how do I use it?

You could get one with a battery but I prefer the old-school ones, they're really small and use a magnet to find the nails or screws in a stud. You can get one for around $2 and you don't have to ... Read More »

Who invented the stud finder?

The Zircon Corporation is credited with inventing the first stud finder in 1980. Since that time, the company has produced many different tools that can all be used for wall scanning. The scanners ... Read More »

How do I use a Stanley stud finder?

Calibrate the Stud FinderHold the stud finder flat against the surface of the wall, making sure not to place it over a stud, metal or wet paint. Locate the activation switch on the right side of th... Read More »

Do I need a stud finder when drilling walls?

You don't need a stud finder when drilling walls, but having one saves you time. Knocking on the wall to listen for dense areas and drilling holes takes more time than necessary and causes unneede... Read More »