Who makes the best dress shirts?

Answer On One Hand: The ClassicThere's nothing more attractive than a high-quality, white, button-down, super-fine cotton dress shirt. Designers like Giorgenti, Armani or Prada offer the best money can bu... Read More »

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Can dress shirts be tailored?

Both men's and women's dress shirts can be tailored to fit by a professional tailor or at home, with the proper skills and equipment. This is especially handy when a dress shirt fits well in one ar... Read More »

What are those little strips that come with dress shirts?

They are collar points...They go in the points of your collar to keep them well pointy...If you look at your shirts there should be a little pocket for them there...Hope I was of assistance.

Can you put your dress or t-shirts in the dresser?

Most people use a dresser for clothes, yes. But only for clothes like t-shirts, pajamas, things that don't wrinkle easily, etc. I wouldn't recommend putting a dress in it.

How to Wash Men's Dress Shirts?

Got those high toned or spill-prevented tight lipped remarks on his favourite shirt clean-up? Well here are few tips to keep both his shirt and mood gleamy.