Who makes the best acoustic guitars?

Answer On One Hand: Martin Acoustic Guitars Were the First MadeThe Martin D series of dreadnought guitars have been considered to be the best overall acoustic guitars since their introduction in 1833. The... Read More »

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Who makes Arianna acoustic guitars?

Ariana acoustic guitars are made by Aria, a Japanese country. Shiro Arai, a classical guitarist, started the company. Aria has been in business since 1956. As of 2010, the guitars are distributed i... Read More »

How much are acoustic guitars?

Acoustic guitars can range anywhere from $150 to $5,000 and up and will depend upon style chosen, quality of the instrument chosen, where you will purchase the instrument, brand name chosen, as wel... Read More »

Acoustic Guitars for Kids?

Acoustic guitars are used by musicians all over the world, and have been around for many years. Kids can learn to play the acoustic guitar, and many parents and teachers encourage this and all type... Read More »

When were acoustic guitars invented?

The invention of the acoustic guitar is difficult to pin down because there is debate over when exactly the guitar became the guitar. An early six-stringed acoustic instrument dated 1779 is general... Read More »