Who makes the best 2-way radio?

Answer On One Hand: The Motorola CompanyAccording to Consumer Search, the Motorola company makes the best two-way radio. The Motorola EM1000 has a 20 mile range, and includes privacy features that stop ea... Read More »

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Who makes the BMW radio?

DIRAC Research AB produces and manufactures radios and sound systems for BMW vehicles. The two companies became partners in 2006. Other companies, such as Bavarian Soundwerks, provide upgraded soun... Read More »

Who makes Crosley Radio?

Crosley Radio, Inc. of Louisville, Kentucky manufactures reproductions of radios, telephones and other items that were originally produced by the Crosley Corporation. Although the styling is vintag... Read More »

What makes up a radio?

A radio is a device that is designed to transmit or receive radio signals. What typically comes to mind when we think of a radio, however, is an AM/FM radio receiver. There are five main components... Read More »

Who makes Radio Shack batteries?

Radio Shack's private brand of batteries is the Enercell, a name created by combining Energizer and Duracell. The batteries were manufactured by Energizer until 2004, when Rayovac won the contract.... Read More »