Who makes the Oscar statue?

Answer Martin Vega, a Chicago caster, makes each and every Oscar statue used as an award during the annual Academy Awards cermony. It requires ten "man hours" to make each statue as they are handmade.Sour... Read More »

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What does the Oscar statue look like?

The reward for a job well done in American cinema, the Oscar is a gold figure of a knight grasping a crusader's sword. The figure stands on a film reel. An Oscar statuette weighs eight and a half p... Read More »

What does the oscar statue represent?

The Oscar represents a medieval knight holding a sword. He stands on a reel of film, each spoke of which represents one of the five original branches of the Motion Picture Academy (writing, directi... Read More »

What is an Oscar statue made of?

Oscar statuettes that Academy Award winners clutch are made of Britannia metal plated with gold. Molten Britannia metal solidifies in an Oscar mold, then each statue is hand-dipped in four solution... Read More »

Where did the oscar statue originate?

Since 1929, a diminutive gold-plated statue has been the big man in Hollywood. Officially named the Academy Award of Merit, he is better known as "Oscar" and is given annually in categories like Be... Read More »