Who makes the Odyssey putter?

Answer The Odyssey putter is manufactured by Odyssey Golf Inc., which was acquired by Callaway Golf in 1997. Design teams working in collaboration with Odyssey Golf engineered a line of new putters to of... Read More »

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What does the SRT stand for on the Odyssey putter?

The SRT on Odyssey golf putters stands for Saturn Ring Technology. The SRT is in reference to the two zinc-alloy bars that are connected from the putter face to the back of the wing portion. These ... Read More »

What is a tour filled odyssey putter?

The Two Ball Tour Filled Odyssey putter adds addition weight to the putter head which lowers the center of gravity for a smother ball roll. There is a single sight line that helps align the two bal... Read More »

How to Become a Better Lag Putter?

Becoming a better lag putter is the easiest way to shave strokes off of your putting average. With good lag putting, your misses will become better and closer to the hole.

What does toe-down mean for a putter?

Not all putters are balanced the same way. If the putter has its weight heavily allocated in the toe (tip of the the putter head), then it is a "toe-down" putter. These putters favor golfers with... Read More »