Who makes the Century Hearth 2000 sq. foot wood stove?

Answer The CFM Corporation manufacturers the Century Hearth 2,000-square-foot wood stove. The company also sells wood stoves under the brand name of Vermont Castings. Based in Ontario, Canada, the company... Read More »

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Can i use my pellet stove hearth pad for a wood stove?

A pellet stove hearth pad cannot be used safely with a wood stove. This is because of differences in the ways that wood stoves and pellet stoves function. Typically, pellet stoves do not need to be... Read More »

How do I build a hearth for a wood stove?

Building a hearth for a wood stove requires care and planning because a hearth's primary purpose is to provide protection for combustible floor components, such as subflooring and and floor joists... Read More »

How big of a house will a 1,600-square-foot wood stove heat?

When a wood stove is stated to be "a 1,600-square-foot stove," that means it is capable of heating the average 1,600-square-foot house. The temperature to which your house is heated depends on fact... Read More »

Buck Stove Wood Stove Installation Instructions?

Wood-burning stoves, such as the Buck Model 261, can be used as an addition to gas heat to provide warmth to your home during the winter. A wood-burning stove can also be installed in a garage or a... Read More »