Who makes singer sewing machines?

Answer The Singer Sewing Company makes Singer sewing machines. By 1853, Singer had set up its corporate office and a manufacturing facility in New York City and was the United States' leading producer of ... Read More »

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How to Date Your Singer Sewing Machines?

Singer sewing machines date to 1851 when Isaac Merritt Singer started a sewing machine company. Singer was convinced he could design a better sewing machine than the available models of that time. ... Read More »

Who invented Singer sewing machines?

The Singer sewing machine was invented by Isaac Merritt Singer. He patented his sewing machine design in 1851 and formed I.M. Singer & Company in the same year with partner Edward C. Clark. Singer'... Read More »

How to Thread Singer Sewing Machines?

Singer Sewing Machines have two standard threading systems. On newer machines, they may also come with an automatic needle threader. There are slight differences in the manual threading depending o... Read More »

How many antique Singer sewing machines were made?

All Singer sewing machines produced pre-1960 are now considered antique. There are a total of 18 antique models including: The Vibrating Shuttle 1 and 2, the Turtle Back, the Letter A, Model 12, Mo... Read More »