Who makes more money in 1 years, a nurse or a kindergarden teacher?

Answer nurse

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How hard is it for a male to become a kindergarden teacher?

No different than a female unless your name is Michael Jackson.

How do I talk to my son's kindergarden teacher about religous matters?

Not very dissimilar to what I went through when I was living there! (Remember Karamanolakis?) But that was in 1986! I can't believe that they are doing the holy inquisition still. But I know that s... Read More »

What is the age that a child need to go to pre-kindergarden and to kindergarden in Louisiana please help txs?

I live in Ascension Parish in Louisiana, and they normally have a program called Head-start, children can begin to attend Head start at the age of 3, but the must be potty train, when the child rea... Read More »

How do to get my 85 year old mother's book Feet of Clay by JJ Webb reviewed by Oprah Winfrey Book on Retired teacher of 40 years Wrote book 20 years ago Has three others for agent Talented?