Who makes mac logos?

Answer Mac logos are not the result of one person or marketing firm, but are the efforts of several designers. The first Macintosh computers came with an Apple logo designed by Rob Janoff. Tom Hughes and ... Read More »

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Who makes the google logos?

Dennis Hwang is the man behind the decorative Google logos that appear on the site for holidays and other special occasions. He began working for Google in 2000 as an intern, and currently oversees... Read More »

What is logos cia?

Although the CIA does use our taxpayer dollar to help fund their covert operations, they answer to other independent factions or powers. We, the citizens of the US, are misleadingly coursed into be... Read More »

Why Are Web Logos Important?

Build online brand recognition and emotion with a creative and compelling web logo. Communicate your company's message graphically, whether soft, open and trendy or forceful, angular and conservati... Read More »

How to Make 3D Logos?

Logos are graphics that represent an organization, brand or product. They typically consist of styled text combined with icons that call to mind the product or company they're representing. You can... Read More »