Who makes keystone slide projectors?

Answer When looking for slide projectors that use the automatic keystone correction, you will look to Dell and Toshiba. Both the TLP-470 Projector and the TLP-S41 Projector by Toshiba use the keystone cor... Read More »

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Who manufactures Keystone slide projectors?

As suggested by the name, the Keystone Camera Company manufactures the Keystone Slide Projectors. This early company made many products in the 1930s. However, in 1991 the company closed after filin... Read More »

Who makes Dukane Overhead Projectors?

Dukane Overhead Projectors are manufatured on site at the Dukane Cooperation's headquarters located in St. Charles, Illinois on 2900 Dukane Drive. The company also produces various audio/visual pro... Read More »

Who makes the Six Flags Banzai Falls water slide?

The Six Flags Banzai Falls water slide is an inflatable children's novelty that is manufactured by Manley Toys. The slide inflates to 5 feet high and weighs approximately 200 lbs. The slide is inte... Read More »

How to Slide Down a Water Slide Without Anything On?

You’ve probably pulled your shorts/bikini bottoms down once, just slightly, so you could slide down the public pool’s slide faster. But taking the next step and doing it all naked, takes a lot ... Read More »