Who makes flicker free 3D tvs Are Samsung 3D tvs flicker free?

Answer Any 3D television bought today should be flicker free including Samsung. The best way to find out is to experience a range of brands and models. Believe your eyes rather than the LG claim that all ... Read More »

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What does flicker free mean and which 3D TV has it?

Each image you see on the television screen is transmitted in the form of "lines." Some 3D TVs, like Samsung ones, for example, use 1080 lines or "p" for each eye. They send images to the glasses b... Read More »

Is flicker service free?

Yes if your talking about joining flicker... its cool because you can talk to friends and share pics. etc! :)

Which TVs are certified flicker free 3D?

The only TV that I am aware of that is "Certified" flicker free is LG's Cinema 3D TV. Their LW series models are certified flicker free 3D by INTERTEK. The test has been performed to prove a techni... Read More »

What flicker free 3D TVs are out there can you recommend one?

Most 3D televisions are flicker free. Active 3D can sometimes show some flickering but if they are properly set up, the flicker is eliminated or not visible. When buying, make sure you experience a... Read More »