Who makes car keys other than locksmiths?

Answer Every car dealer makes keys for its makes and models of cars with proof of ownership of the car. Use this service, though pricey, if you have lost your only set of keys and cannot get into your veh... Read More »

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What makes the Swine Flu more scary than any other flu?

Because there is no cure, and it's violent and can kill people

What Makes a Narwhal Different Than All Other Whales?

The narwhal, scientifically named Monodon monoceros, is a type of arctic whale known as an odontocete, or a toothed whale. What makes a narwhal different than all other whales is the tooth or tusk ... Read More »

What makes this camera better than the other?

"Better" depends on your needs.If you need a small camera to fit in your pocket or purse, an expensive DSLR is obviously worse than a small and inexpensive point & shoot, even though the DSLR can g... Read More »

What makes Wikipedia less reliable than other encyclopedias?

Professors don't accept it as a scholarly cite because of what everyone else has been explaining about how anyone with internet access can alter it. Though, I have never had any problem using Wikip... Read More »