Who makes bubblegum brand jeans?

Answer Bubblegum brand jeans are made by a company called Bubblegum usa. Bubblegum usa are the makers of the jeans and they are available at retailers such as Sears, Macy's, Delia's, Deb and Wet Seal.Sour... Read More »

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Who makes Bubblegum jeans?

Bubblegum jeans are made by American Flavour Clothing, which is located in Los Angeles. Flavour Clothing is subsidiary of Komex International, Inc. Other subsidiaries of the Komex Corporation are ... Read More »

Who makes Bubblegum USA jeans?

Bubblegum BG USA American Flavour Clothing jeans are made by Komex International. The company is located in Los Angeles, California. Some of the retailers that carry the jeans include Macy's, Wet S... Read More »

Who makes Angels brand jeans?

The brand Angels Jeanswear, often called Angel Jeans, is made by Reinhold Fleckenstein. The company headquarters is located in Nagold, Germany, with sales offices located in nearby countries like S... Read More »

Is there a brand that makes jeans in extra extra petite length?

Gap Ankle length jeans work for me, but I am a fair amount taller than you, I'm 5' 2.5". If that doesn't work, just dry them on high heat a couple of times and they'll shrink up.Oh also I think it... Read More »