Who makes blu ray player with zoom?

Answer That it can connect to the Internet wirelessly, like a laptop

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Every DVD player I've ever owned had a ZOOM CAPACITY of 4x Magnify: Can I buy a DVD player that zooms CLOSER?

A DVD frame is 720x480 pixelsA 4x zoom is about 180x120 of the original. You could zoom more, but don't expect to see more than a blur

Is it true that when you zoom in with a digital camera you lose quality, but use optical zoom and you won't?

All digital zoom does is basically crop the image you take, this means you get a greatly reduced megapixel count, which equals a loss in quality, instead of using digital zoom, it's better to take ... Read More »

If you were to compare an EFS 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens to a camera with built in optical zoom what would be the equivalent i.e. 4x 8x 12x etc.?

How do I use Zoom Player?

DownloadNavigate to the official Zoom website, and then click on the "Free Download" icon located on the right-hand side. Note that you will be taken to the download page that allows you to choose ... Read More »