Who makes babies?

Answer In most animals there is a male and a female of each species and these two unite in a special way to create new offspring through a process called sexual reproduction. For more details on how this ... Read More »

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What is the disease that makes babies look old?

What makes babies happy?

If a baby is upset, it may because it is hungry, thirsty, or needs a nappy change. Affection and care will always go a long way, too; children yearn for the mother's love that is irreplaceable by a... Read More »

What makes a babies bones crack?

well babyacne is that serve but still acne anyway all you have to do is wash the pillow case 5 times a day ,then when to fell your head greasy or oily wash the face offthen use acne treatment twice... Read More »

What is the condition during diabetes that makes you have very large babies?

Answer The acquisition of diabetes mellitus during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes, and it can result in large offspring like you've described.