Who makes a good discount disposable camera?

Answer Disposable cameras tend to be inherently cheap because they are only good for a short time. For a good price, just check out big stores in an area near you; such as Walmart or Target.

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How long is a disposable camera good for after the expiration date?

It's not how long you have the camera, but how long you use the film after the expiration date. Most film can be developed well after the expiration date, as long as it hasn't been stored in a hot ... Read More »

Where can you buy discount disposable cameras in bulk?

One can buy discounted disposable cameras in bulk on the Internet. There are many websites on the Internet that have discounted disposable cameras in bulk and can be bought very cheaply.

How does the resolution of a 2.4 megapixal digital camera compare with a disposable camera?

Answer Generally speaking, film has a much better resolution than digital cameras. In fact, if you were to compare good 35mm color film to the "megapixel" rating of digital cameras, film would rate... Read More »

What makes a good landscaping/nature camera?

For landscape photos, you are in good luck! Most cameras are capable of taking nice landscape photos as landscapes are shot with f/8 to f/22 to keep most things in focus. With smaller sensors and t... Read More »