Who makes a better camera Nikon or Canon?

Answer Nikon cameras take better pictures.

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Who makes an all around better digital camera - Nikon or Canon?

Personally, Canon, but my Dad loved Nikon, I guess it gets into the old Ford vs. Chevy debate, what you like is what is best. Canon did win for the DReb XT in a few magazines over the Nikon though... Read More »

Which one is better in nikon slr camera and canon slr camera?

A Nikon and a Canon are equivalent in quality. The Nikon is significantly more costly than the Canon.Most Nikon buyers would disagree but do some research before you buy. Make sure you compare mode... Read More »

Is a Nikon or Canon camera better...?

I saw the mostly popular Canon 500D than Nikon D5000. Canon has better quality, important Professional, More advanced and effective cost. Nikon has expensive cost, good quality, Professional and sl... Read More »

Is the Canon 40D or Nikon D200 the better camera?

Both cameras are pretty old now. I recommend the Canon 7D or 60D. or if you want Nikon, the D7000, D90, or D300s.