Who makes Tegretol XR?

Answer Tegretol XR (carbamazepine ) is primarily used to treat seizures. It is made by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Generic substitutes are available, and may be sold under the names Carbatrol or... Read More »

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What is Tegretol CR?

Tegretol CR is a brand name prescription medication that contains the drug carbamazepine. Doctors commonly prescribe Tegretol CR for the treatment of neurological disorders.FunctionTegretol CR work... Read More »

Can Tegretol cause pancreatitis?

Users of Tegretol (a commercial version of carbamazepine) may run the risk of developing inflammation of their pancreas, also known as pancreatitis. Symptoms of this condition include vomiting, nau... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol with Tegretol?

On One Hand: You Should Not Drink Alcohol With TegretolRxList reports that Tegretol, or carbamazepine, is an anticonvulsant medication. Anticonvulsant medications are used to treat seizure disorde... Read More »

What Is the Anticipated Effect of Tegretol?

Tegeretol is an anticonvulsant drug often used to address the sharp pain caused by Trigeminal neuralgia, which is an inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. This pain is usually manifested on one sid... Read More »