Who makes Sony LCD televisions?

Answer SONY makes all of their own TVs.

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Where are Sony televisions made?

After closing their last plant in the United States in 2009, Sony has opened major plants in Baja, Mexico, and in Trnava, Slovakia, which are responsible for the production and manufacturing of Son... Read More »

Do Sony televisions need calibration?

The factory settings of Sony televisions are geared toward promoting the display in the store. At home, the display may appear too bright depending on the room lighting. For the best picture possib... Read More »

Who manufactures sony digital televisions?

Sony digital televisions are manufactured by Sony. Sony offers several different model types of digital televisions with a variety of sizes and options to choose from. All Sony digital televisions ... Read More »

What country are Sony televisions made in?

Sony's main LCD television plant is located in Nagoya, Japan. There it produces models for Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other Asian areas. Outside of these areas, Inazawa is the location mothe... Read More »