Who makes Roundup?

Answer Roundup is an herbicide made by Monsanto. It was first introduced in 1974. The active ingredient is glyphosate. Roundup is approved for controlling weeds in over 100 crops and is registered for use... Read More »

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Who makes Roundup weed killer?

The Scotts Miracle Grow website indicates that Roundup products are marketed and sold through the Scotts Miracle Grow Company. The worldwide manufacturing rights to the Roundup product line are hel... Read More »

Can you mix Roundup& diesel?

Diesel fuel is a carrier oil mixed with herbicides, such as Round-up, because it helps to penetrate through bark and plant leaves. Although diesel fuel is among the least expensive oils to add to... Read More »

Does roundup have simazine in it?

The active ingredient listed on a container of Roundup is glysophate in the form of an isopropylamine salt. Other ingredients include water and a surfactant. The algicide simazine is not listed on ... Read More »

How soon can you plant after using Roundup?

Gardeners can plant as soon as the weeds treated with Roundup in the area in question are controlled. The product does not have residual effects and only affects plants treated with the herbicide, ... Read More »