Who makes Nolan motorcycle helmets?

Answer Nolan motorcycle helmets are made by the Nolan Company, which was created in 1972 by Lander Nocchi for the express purpose of creating light-weight crash helmets. The Nolan Company is located in Be... Read More »

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Who makes Zeus motorcycle helmets?

Zeus motorcycle helmets are produced by Gao Jin Industrial Company, which has been headquartered in Taiwan since 1988. Though manufactured in Taiwan, Zeus motorcycle helmets are sold and distribute... Read More »

Where are nolan helmets made?

The Nolan Group, based in Bergamo, Italy, manufactures Nolan helmets and it uses many distributors worldwide. In the United States, CIMA International Inc. of Aurora, Illinois, distributes the enti... Read More »

Are there motorcycle helmets on GTA 4?

In Grand Theft Auto IV, motorcycle helmets can be acquired by simply getting onto a bike. If the motorcycle is not driven away immediately, Niko will pull out a helmet and put it on. The helmet wil... Read More »

The Pros on Motorcycle Helmets?

Wearing a motorcycle helmet can protect riders from serious injury. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) reviewed numerous studi... Read More »