Who makes Mitsubishi parts?

Answer Mitsubishi parts are manufactured by Mitsubishi Motor Corporation. Mitsubishi makes the original parts for its vehicles including replacement parts. Mitsubishi parts can be ordered directly through... Read More »

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How to Replace Mitsubishi Tail Light Parts?

The tail-light parts on a Mitsubishi automobile are normally a single unit and must be replaced as one. Removing the tail lights will require access to the trunk and a few common tools. When replac... Read More »

Who makes Mitsubishi TVs?

The Mitsubishi Electric Corporation manufactures the Mitsubishi brand of televisions. Yataro Iwasaki started Mitsubishi in 1870 as a shipping company, explains the Mitsubishi website. The corporati... Read More »

Who makes Vizio TVs and where do their parts come from?

Vizio televisions are made in factories in Taiwan owned by Foxconn and AmTRAN Technology. The factories each have a stake in the company, which allows the units to be manufactured and sold at a low... Read More »

Who makes summit racing parts?

Summit racing parts are manufactured by Summit Racing Equipment. The company's main office is located in Tallmadge, Ohio. Summit Racing Equipment was founded in 1968. It has grown to become the wor... Read More »