Who makes Mazdas?

Answer Mazda is a automobile manufacturer located in Japan. In 1931 the Toyo Cork Kogyo Company of Hiroshima, Japan named a truck Mazda, which is the Zoroastrian god of good and light. In the 1980s the co... Read More »

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Where are Mazdas built?

Mazda Motor Corporation primarily manufactures vehicles in its native Hiroshima and Hofu plants in Japan. Vehicles are also produced in the following nine nations: USA, China, Taiwan, Thailand, P... Read More »

Where are Mazdas manufactured?

The Mazda Motor Corporation is located in Hiroshima, Japan. The Hiroshima location is one of the world's largest automotive plants, capable of producing 706,000 units a year. Mazda also has product... Read More »

Are Mazdas made by Ford?

Ford Motor Company owns a 33% stake in Mazda, and the companies share platforms and factories in the production of their vehicles. For example, both utilize a plant in the U.S. near Detroit. Howeve... Read More »

Are Mazdas Japanese cars?

Mazda is a Japanese automaker. Some of its vehicles, such as the Mazda 6, Tribute and B-Series truck, are manufactured in North America in a partnership with Ford Motor Co. Others, such as the MX-5... Read More »