Who makes Lufkin tape measures?

Answer Cooper Hand Tools, a division of Cooper Industries, Inc., manufactures Lufkin tape measures. They are a multinational company that is incorporated in Bermuda and with administrative headquarters in... Read More »

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Who manufactures Lufkin tape measures?

Lufkin tape measures are manufactured by Cooper Hand Tools. The brands Crescent, Nicholson, H.K. Porter, Weller, and Xcelite are all also made by Cooper Hand Tools. Lufkin tape measures are sold bo... Read More »

What makes scotch tape stick?

Scotch Brand Cellulouse Tape consists of a coated cellophane backing, which carries a transparent adhesive. The adhesive mix that makes Scotch tape stick contains a transparent mix of rubber, resin... Read More »

What makes scotch tape sticky?

Pressure-sensitive adhesive is what makes scotch tape sticky. PSA works as a re-positional and sturdy tack and is used for the temporary positioning or gathering of fabric, paper and other material... Read More »

What makes duct tape soo strong?

the support of the sticky stuff on the back, kind of like our contacts holding everyone together and the green color it carries for St.Patrick's day...