Who makes Galveston guitars?

Answer Galveston is more or less a blanket brand name used for an American company that imports various guitars and basses throughout Asia. Many of the guitars are made at the Samick factory in Korea.Sour... Read More »

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Who makes SX guitars?

The brand SX guitars is owned by Team International Music Company, a musical instruments distribution company based in Taiwan. SX guitars are manufactured in China and shipped overseas for sale. Ac... Read More »

Who makes First Act guitars?

First Act guitars are made by First Act, a musical instrument company based in Massachusetts. The company makes several kinds of guitars, including some that are custom made, as well as amps, music... Read More »

Who makes New York Pro guitars?

New York Pro guitars are an inexpensive line of electric guitars made by Galaxy Guitar Products. Their body styles and features tend to be similar to more expensive guitars, such as Gibson Les Paul... Read More »

Who makes famous guitars?

The most famous guitars and most widely know guitars are made by Gibson. No other guitar company has sold more guitars than Gibson.