Who makes Ford diesel engines?

Answer Navistar International makes Ford's 6.0-, 6.4-, 6.7- and 7.3-liter Powerstroke diesel engines. However, as of 2010, Ford has begun production of its own 1.4-liter diesel engine in a $500 million en... Read More »

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Who makes Jeep diesel engines?

The manufacturer of diesel engines for Jeeps depends on the model in question. For instance, the 3.0-liter diesel motor for many 2007 Jeep Liberty models was constructed by Mercedes-Benz in Berlin,... Read More »

Who makes Ford Taurus V-6 engines?

The 2009 Ford Taurus is available with either Ford's 3.5L "Cyclone" V6 or its 3.5L turbo "EcoBoost" V6. The Cyclone is made by Ford in Lima, Ohio, and the EcoBoost is made by Ford in Cleveland, Ohi... Read More »

Who makes the ford powerstroke diesel engine?

Navistar, Inc. makes the Ford Powerstroke diesel engine. The engine dates from 1994 when Illinois-based Navistar, Inc. created a turbocharged 7.3 liter diesel engine for the Ford Motor Company whic... Read More »

Why do diesel trains run on electricity and not diesel engines?

The1 had a good answer.Diesel engines are designed to produce a huge amount of torque, rather than acceleration, but they do it in a very limited RPM range, not much more than 2,000 to 3,000 RPM ma... Read More »