Who makes Fenway Franks?

Answer The hot dogs sold in Boston's famous Fenway Park, known as Fenway Franks, are made by Kayem Foods, a food corporation based in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Fenway Franks also are packaged and sold in gr... Read More »

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Franks Box Instructions?

Frank Sumpton created the Franks Box in 2002 as a way to help communicate with spirits during paranormal investigations. The Franks Box --- also known as The Ghost Box or telephone to the dead --- ... Read More »

I like Ball Park Franks...?

HELLO.........DO you eat eggs with them for breakfast.? A salad with them at lunch time.? Baked potato with them at supper time.? Golly..........29 is too many weiners for any one even for 1 wee... Read More »

What is the history of the surname Franks?

The surname Franks came to England with the French Normans following the Norman Invasion of 1066. The “s” suffix makes the name a patronym, indicating descent from someone with the Norman name ... Read More »

When is Barney Franks term up?

I believe it is called I'm Yours by Jason Mraz and yes that is the correct spelling of his name. If it's the commercial I think you are talking about.