Who makes Dansco coin albums?

Answer Dansco coin albums are manufactured by the Dansco Corporation located in Los Angeles, California. In 2010, it is a privately-owned corporation with less than 20 employees and total annual revenues... Read More »

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What makes up an egyptian coin?

Egyptian coins currently in circulation have a broad range of compositions and values, each one very different from the next.5 Piastre CoinsThe three different versions of the modern 5 Piastre coin... Read More »

How do you take a picture of a coin with a small digital camera so I can get a close up and not the glare the coin is silver I cannot afford special equipment?

Answer Use polarizing plastic sheets you should be able to cut down on the glare reflected back from the coin for photography. You should be able to find something like that a your local museum st... Read More »

How to Simulate a Biased Coin Toss With a Fair Coin?

We often use a coin toss to choose from two equally preferable outcomes, but can also use one to break a three way tie, or in other situations where you want a probability distribution other than 5... Read More »

How to Take Advantage of Junk Coin Bins at Coin Shops?

If you've ever visited a coin shop, you've seen them. Dealers like to have bins of mixed foreign coins, oftentimes at around 15-20 cents each. These bins can be a goldmine for bullion and foreign c... Read More »