Who makes Croscill home fabrics?

Answer Croscill manufactures its own line of home fabrics. The company started in 1946 with the "Croscilla" window valence. As of 2010, Croscill Home produces window treatments, duvet covers and fabric sh... Read More »

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What makes bleach change the color of fabrics?

Bleach does not actually remove a stain from a fabric. Instead, it alters the molecules in the coloring agents, affecting their ability to absorb light wavelengths.DefinitionBleaching is defined as... Read More »

What makes a home seem "welcoming" to you?

I sincerely love this question. I've often wondered how many people, when first going into someone's home, actually "absorb" what they see & feel. The place where someone "dwells" says so much abou... Read More »

What makes a place a home?

Somewhere where you feel safe, where you can be yourself, where you fit in comfortably, where you're happy.Home really is where your heart is.

Who makes the best home computer?

Dells service and price are good, but that is because the parts tehy use in the computers are very cheap. Dells are a love or hate thing most people who know about computers will swear against them... Read More »